Being single is always hardest after 11:00 p.m., regardless of your creed. Especially on a Saturday.

I “played eyes” with a guy in a local coffee shop between smatterings of conversation with a good friend for half an hour this evening. And I thought, “Why do these things never go anywhere?” I’m having a bad hair week and my eyes look tired–as tired as I feel. Some days being single feels as pathetic as a Grade B chick flick.

Still, it’s Advent. The usual hope is augmented by the hope that’s part and parcel of this season. You breathe it in the early winter air and see it in the friendly winking of the neighbors’ Christmas lights. Something is coming. HE is coming.

I’m about to drag my weary, single, moping self to bed, and I go in hope. Christ is coming; why should our hearts not dance?


4 thoughts on “Advent

  1. So, can I say I loved this one? Just simply because it was so honest. I have made eyes at many different places. I am so shy, (yes, me, and i know you know me not to be shy, but it is true) that I can’t even smile at a guy I think is cute sometimes. So I think that’s the first step though. Is to smile. It is said (in various books i have read about men & women) that guys are so much more nervous than we could ever think and that they dread rejection, just like we do – but smiling is a hint that they should at least try. SO smile!

    • Haha, thanks for this! Yes, any posts I write after 10 p.m. are bound to be open–probably more open than I’d allow in the more awake parts of the day. Still, it’s very true, and it can be hard to be open. So much nicer to be safe. Yet another goal for a new year: being open to new things.

  2. Can I say, as a guy (handily anonymous), that Ms Urn is right–smiles are very encouraging and we are afraid of rejection. Courage has been called a manly virtue (even if women often put us to shame in the category), so we’re supposed to be able to handle rejection. We’re built to be tough in a way that can go on being vulnerable, I suppose.

    We’re built to, whereas you amazing women SHOULD be shielded by a beloved, being too beautiful for a real man to allow others to hurt you. And you SHOULD shield your hearts. Yes, men are often wimpy, but don’t let us get away with it. Especially once you’ve smiled at them, they DO like a challenge, and don’t like women too easily won–don’t sell yourself for less than your worth. In fact, I’ve never been interested in a women until she smiled or showed her heart in her eyes, but once there is interest, we’re pretty easily encouraged, I think, so don’t make it too easy, or it won’t be any fun, right? I personally can say I fully intend to pursue the heart revealed in those smiles.

    Okay, so if I ever comment on this blog again, I’ll be using a different name, now…

    But, to the point of this blog (I think), isn’t it interesting that this whole conversation becomes a whole lot less applicable once courtship is “over”? (Though, on the other hand, marriages would be better if each tried to “win” the other every day…making the conversation more relevant to married love than was my first impulse…hm).

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