Some Things Are Just So Obvious…

I’m going to be honest. I’ve been having a “blah” day. Not a bad day by any means, and in fact quite good in some aspects, but I’ve just wandered through it feeling…well…blah. Listless. Mildly annoyed by things that shouldn’t annoy me. Tired when I shouldn’t be tired. Unwilling to pick up new projects or to finish old ones. Just “one of those days.”

So I folded my arms and sat back from my desk just now and tried to figure out why. Sometimes all it takes is a moment of reflection to determine what’s turning a day into a less-than-pleasant one. And guess what I discovered?

I haven’t prayed today (aside from the initial morning offering, of course, and a quick, “Sorry I can’t make it to mass today, God” at noon).

I haven’t really prayed.

I have excuses, too. My alarm clock didn’t go off this morning, so I woke up an hour late, then it took me forever to make my hair look decent, I had to make breakfast, and I just barely made it to work on time. When I reached my office I realized I had an 11:00 meeting I’d forgotten about, and that ran until about 11:57, at which point I decided I couldn’t really spare the time for mass (probably a bad choice, I’m realizing in hindsight). Tonight I have some people coming over, I have to make a grocery store run before that, and then I need to do some cleaning so my place isn’t a disgrace (I blush at the state of my bathroom sink at this moment)…

Funny how everything has a cause. So I’m committed to budgeting my time more wisely tomorrow. Meantime, Lord, if you want to give me ten or fifteen unexpected extra minutes, I’ll try to spend them in quiet with you. And here’s everything else…because that can be a prayer, too, right?


2 thoughts on “Some Things Are Just So Obvious…

  1. I notice the same thing happens with confession. I get to that blah point and wonder, “Gosh, what’s wrong with me?” until I remember that I haven’t been to confession in . . . well, too long.

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