Jeremiah 29:11

A good friend sent me this scripture passage a little while back in a brief, encouraging email. (I’m so thankful for great friends.) I don’t need to wax eloquent on its applicability to where we are in life–just look it up. You’ll get it.

But the question is–do we believe it? I mean really believe it? (I am assuming now that you have, in fact, looked it up…or that you knew it already.)

I’ve spoken with a few of my single friends in recent months about trusting in God’s plan for our lives. And you know what’s funny? We don’t. We believe with all our hearts that God loves us, that He has always taken care of us and will continue to do so, and that He’ll give us everything we need to get to heaven. But His plan for our lives? Well, for one thing He hasn’t been all that forthcoming with a master “Plan” so far. And for another, isn’t there something about suffering being inevitable for the follower of Christ? So why get excited about the future? It’s just gonna be one long path strewn with suffering.

A lot of us are looking ahead to a summer full of changes. Changing jobs or moving or going back to school… It’s an exciting time, sure, but a stressful one. And in the midst of all the stress we know we ought to pray, and we do pray, but often with that sense of hopelessness. “Are you really listening? Do you really have something in mind for me? I mean, things are fine as they are and I’m not complaining, I just feel a little bit–set aside, I guess…” and so on, and so forth. (And I say “we.” These particular thoughts/prayers are my own. Just insert your own words, as applicable.)

And yet there it is, plain and unambiguous: “I know well the plans that I have for you.” There’s real comfort in that. It’s something solid to hold onto when the not knowing of this whole state gets to be really hard. I am not forgotten. In the midst of all my not knowing and seemingly aimless wandering, Someone has something particular in mind for me, a plan He knows “well.” A plan for my good, not my harm. A plan to give me a future full of hope.



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