Dating Seminars

Who knew picking up girls was something you could learn to do in a seminar? (Well, except in “Hitch,” but does anyone actually take rom coms seriously? Tell you what: if you do, just don’t admit it out loud…) But according to this article in yesterday’s “City Paper,” it can be done. Or at least guys are paying $1,300 in the happy assumption that it can be done.

Hmm. Here’s a thought, guys. (Or maybe we’ll just call it a “tip.”) Girls want to be pursued. Yeah, we might smirk and and raise our eyebrows–please forgive us the snarkiness we cling to in our nervousness. (I do mean that…we can be a little petty.) Know that deep down, we like being sought out. We’re hardwired to like it. You don’t have to be tough or macho, or even all that “cool” or good-looking. A touch of kindness and a dash of humor go a long, long way.

Then again, if all you’re looking for is a quick hook-up, maybe you’d better cough up that $1,300.


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