God Is So Good

Just a quick post today. I wanted to take a moment to say that God is very, very good.

Not that we don’t know that already, but some days He just proves it in abundance. This morning I woke up literally unable to breathe because I had so much work to do. In fact, the massive “impendingness” of this particular Monday hung like a black cloud over my whole weekend. This week is going to be extremely busy, especially at work. But this morning my guardian angel took me by the ear and said two words: Mass. Pronto.

And by some extraordinary grace, I went to Mass before work, even though all I wanted to do was get to my desk and start in on the mountain of work I had to do.

Why is this always a surprise? You give God the first fruits of your day, and He gives back in abundance. I got everything done…and more than I expected to accomplish, in about half the time I thought it would take. And now I’m about to head off to dinner with some friends, a dinner which I will actually enjoy, because I don’t have to go home and wrap things up before tomorrow.


I say it again: God is very, very good.


One thought on “God Is So Good

  1. O good, I’m so glad! You’ve always been one of those people who, when I hear they are stressed, worry me greatly. This is mostly because I begin to think, O man, if SHE’S stressed then things must be REAALLY bad. Isn’t it great, though, how such a simple yet profound act has these wonderful effects in your day? Guardian angels are pretty awesome, gotta say . . .

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