A bad hair day

It’s obvious a man designed the “time off” criteria for people in the work force. Vacation days, sick days, emergency days, so-called “personal” days (reserved for such “personal” activities as doctor’s appointments, changing the oil in your car, and cleaning your house for weekend company)…all eminently practical.

Why is there no option for calling in on a bad hair day?

Or an ugly day?

Or one of those, “I just can’t get my emotions under control and I’ve been crying since 7:02 a.m. and I’m fat and nobody likes me” days?

If women ruled the world…well, okay, nothing would ever get done, but at least people could sit at home with the blinds drawn on those days when they’re just not feeling very presentable.

But women don’t rule the world. So it’s back to work, and thank goodness there aren’t any mirrors in or anywhere near my office.


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