It’s late and I should go to bed. But a brief (very brief) post first.

This post is actually a question, one I’d be very curious to hear your answers to. Have you found that you settle more fully into yourself and everything you want and hope to be when you let go and let God surprise you?

It’s something I’ve been told all my life by people older and wiser than myself. Their stories all take the same tone: “Only when I stopped trying to maintain control…” “When I finally gave up…” then my life came together and I found who I was meant to be, where I was meant to go, what I was meant to do.

I never really understood what they were getting at. Like so many other things in life, it’s a paradox of sorts.  I still don’t get it, not fully. But something has been coming clear for me in recent months: namely, that things won’t be what I expect them to be, and that’s okay. In fact, it’s really good. And when I carry all my missed expectations or misunderstandings to God in prayer, His answer is always the same. “Little girl, just let me surprise you.”


2 thoughts on “Surprises

  1. OH! The wisdom is that is truer that I ever imagined when I was a younger man. Surprises are often supernatural, sometimes good and sometimes bad. The thing is, I was never particularly disappointed by the surprises. I attribute that to the simple fact that you have no expectations if it is a surprise.

    I’ve found being surprised to be especially apt in romance. Only when you stop trying, when you throw up your hands, both figuratively and literally, and say, “this is hopeless,” did I ever find anyone. In fact, I began to be interested in my fiancé just the day after I had to write off a woman who I really wanted to be more interested in me. That was quite a surprise, to feel hopeless disappointment one day, and the spark of hope come again so soon. I pray a lot more passionately when I’m disappointed and/or hopeless.

    As much as culture and society point toward ‘finding yourself’ or being in control of your destiny, I think most of my fellow humans have an innate desire and need to be led by God. You are responsible for taking actions to enact his plan, so in a way you are in control; just not of the path to true happiness and love, only of how far you allow or push yourself to go down it.


  2. Hmmm….Have I found that I settle more fully into myself and everything I want and hope to be when I let go and let God surprise me? Well, I know that the more I try and control things the more stressed out I get….to the point where I have to run to God in prayer and ask him to take care of all my problems which he usually does right away! So, I am constantly working on letting go and letting God surprise which I know that I will have to continue to work on for the rest of my life as I like planning and being in control but I know that in reality God is just laughing at me when I do this.

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