On edge…

Maybe it’s the spring, or the impending “upheavals” in my comfortable existence (sister’s wedding, a move, new roommates), or an intricate combination of everything, but I’m incredibly restless. And with restlessness always comes a certain level of edginess. I’m tempermental, whiny, and even a little blue. More than anything else, I’m driving myself crazy. I keep checking my email, checking my phone, surfing the internet for nothing in particular, and asking myself the whole time, “What the heck am I doing?”

I guess I’m just seeking rest. Welcome to the information age, where everything you need can be found in moments through a simple internet search.

Everything, that is, except the most important things. For instance, I may find a house through my online searches, but will I find a home? (The most persistent trial of the single young adult: homelessness. I’ll probably devote a whole post to this later.) Still, this restlessness may motivate me to get some things done. Like actually forking out the money for a summer wardrobe. Every year I talk about it, and every year I end up “making do” with the clothes I’ve had for years (most of them not *quite* professional) because I’m not willing to spend the money. So hey. To every cloud there’s a silver lining.

And now … work.


2 thoughts on “On edge…

  1. I think part of it IS this time of year, since I have a similar feeling of restlessness. I need to get outside more. Otherwise, as you note, I’m too drawn to the computer in search of something to satisfy this craving for . . . something.

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