On-the-Job Training

There are many perks to being an editor (like, you know, getting to READ all day long), not least of which is learning fascinating new words.

For instance, I stumbled upon this gem this morning:
Invidious–1. Tending to cause animosity or resentment. 2. Containing or implying a slight: discriminatory.3. Envious.

There have been several others, especially in the past couple weeks. Our upcoming load of books is heavier than usual, and I have one author in particular who loves to pull his vocabulary from the dustier corners of the dictionary.

Words like “scion.” (1. A descendent or heir. 2. A detached living shoot or twig used in grafting.)

I let him have that one, but I’ve had to cut (much to my own dismay) some really fabulous words, simply because no reader will have any idea what he’s talking about.

For example, perspicacious: Able to perceive or understand keenly.

Doesn’t that word make you feel smart just reading it?

Okay, now I’m back to my actual work. Just really felt the need to share my expanding vocabulary. Have a blessed Thursday!


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