Oh my golly goodness gracious


I reach this point every year about this time where I have a hard time taking a full breath. Ask the people around my office, I turn into a chronic “sigher,” but it’s only because I have to take extra large gulps intermittently, in order to get the necessary amount of air. There’s a lot going on…and it’s not just me, I know! Students have finals, people are getting married, moving, changing jobs, etc., etc., etc. It’s a crazy, crazy time.

I arrived home two nights ago after a busy day at the office to discover a huge Crate & Barrel package waiting at the door. The wedding gifts for the sister are piling up, alongside our mounds of laundry, dirty dishes, school papers, work papers, bills, to-do lists…and in the midst of all the clutter, we both spend the bulk of our evenings on Craigslist, searching for new places to live, she with her husband, and me with two roommates. Lots of changes. Then there’s the bridal shower this weekend to prepare for, and final youth group events to plan, as well as end-of-year commitments with CCD and tutoring and piano students. And (put on fake advertising voice here) much, much more!

I wonder if God throws all this stuff my way just to remind me of how little I am. I feel basically like this right now:

But you know what? It’s okay. Sometimes I think God just wants me to love Him through the crazyness. And thank goodness for Easter–because there’s always chocolate…


One thought on “Oh my golly goodness gracious

  1. “I have my country’s 500th anniversary to plan, my wedding to arrange, my wife to murder, and Guilder to blame for it . . . I’m swamped! ”

    I’m right there with you, and am pretty sure the Tree of Life in the Garden bloomed with chocolate flowers.

    ; )

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