And now, a musical interlude…

So I’m not usually in to Christian music. I hear “Christian” and immediately think: insipid lyrics, soulless melodies, mediocre (at best) musicians, and a lot of hand-waving…

Anyway. I’ve recently discovered a few artists who force me to back off the stereotypes. And because it’s a gray, slow Friday afternoon, I thought I’d post a couple songs for your listening pleasure. (not the best sound quality, I’m afraid, but still a beautiful prayer/song) (this from an artist I just learned about yesterday. I admit, I looked her up mostly because people told me I looked like her–for the record, it’s the glasses. I was surprised at how much I liked this song. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it, too!)


2 thoughts on “And now, a musical interlude…

  1. I love Audrey Assad – I admit, I haven’t listened to much of her music, but I heard about her a few months ago and I really like her voice (esp. as female artists, no less Christian artists, go).

  2. Yay, I’m so glad you like Audrey Assad! Did you listen to her song “Run Forward”? I feel like it does a beautiful job of voicing trust amidst heartache.

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