Peace. Be still.

Those days when the contents of your heart keep spilling over the edges, when too much thought leads inevitably to tears, when all the wrong memories surface suddenly and even the sweet escape of sleep eludes you…

When you find yourself, though not alone, lonely…

When musings about the future produce not hope, but the horrible, hollow sense that there truly is no point, and “everything is vanity…”

For some reason, those days, the only answer to prayer is: Sit still.

Be stouthearted.


And be thankful.


2 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. I used to almost break down every Sunday afternoon, after leaving ultimate frisbee. I knew the weekend was almost over and I was going home to an empty (well other than my wonderful cats) house. I had a whole work week to ‘look forward to.’ It was so hard to keep smiling and trusting in Him. In the midst of this lonliness and feeling of rejection, I got so much love and encouragement from prayer. It was truly amazing, and I miss it now that I’m feeling happier.

    I recommend giving of yourself. In the midst of pain or darkness, it helped me a lot to search out new experiences, to ‘go out on a limb’ more often. The biggest thing, though difficult, was to try and put smiles on other peoples’ faces. Even though I wished someone would do it for me…

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