Bringing your own lunch to work isn’t always the cheapest option.

I packed my lunch this morning in a recycled plastic grocery bag (the usual) and took the metro in to work. I was wearing a white skirt–it’s time to celebrate Memorial Day in the old style: white skirts, pants, and shoes are now “officially” allowed. For some reason I always follow that rule, even though I recognize that most people consider it passe. But today it was a mistake.

I had a container of raspberries in my lunch bag.

Said raspberries were somewhat wet.

There are now four large purplish splotches spread out across the lap of my erstwhile white skirt.

And my attempt at saving money cost me somewhere in the ballpark of $80.00, because the only clothing store in Union Station that opens before 10:00 a.m. is Ann Taylor.

Go figure.

Some days I understand perfectly the famous remark of St. Teresa of Avila to her heavenly Father on a particularly trying day: “If this is the way you treat your friends, it’s no wonder you have so few.”


One thought on “Bringing your own lunch to work isn’t always the cheapest option.

  1. I like the use of “erstwhile.” Raspberries are devilishly easy to squeeze a little and stain all kinds of things, even skin! I wonder what one would look like if you bathed in raspberries for a half-hour. I’ve also had a wardrobe malfunction at work.

    One day, the seat of my pants completely ripped open after squatting down to pick up someone on the floor. I had to tie a windbreaker around my waist and make my way to Macy’s at metro center. Upon arriving, I found my choices for new kakhi pants were $40-$100. Quite expensive, but it wasn’t like I could go around the rest of the day with a 6 inch tear in the seat of my pants!

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