So how are you?

It’s easy when your own life is up in the air and strange to forget that other people exist. I’ve been a bit distracted digging about in the rubble that was my familiar, cozy little life, trying to find my own remains so I can start piecing them back together. So distracted that I’m forgetting that the people around me–the roommate, the family members, the friends–are all carrying their own burdens…most of which are a good deal heavier than mine.

So how are you, friends? I hope and pray that your lives are going well, that your burdens are light, and that you’re enjoying this beautiful summer and getting in lots of sun and at least a little bit of rest.

Thanks for your patience with me in the midst of my distractions. And seriously, let me know how you’re doing. I feel like I’ve been a little bit hidden away of late, and more than a little out of touch…


One thought on “So how are you?

  1. Hi singlecatholic,

    I’m doing just fine :). I too enjoy seeing families on the metro. One time, this little child showed me the new stuffed animal he got that day. I’m enjoying the long summer days and summer fruit :).

    Commend yourself to Lord, who loves you more than you can ever know.


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