Happy Monday

“How was your weekend?”

It’s Monday in the office, and that question is in the air. It’s the only regularly exchanged “pleasantry” here that we all actually mean. Remembering the weekend makes Monday morning bearable, somehow. Even those with the worst case of “the Mondays” brighten up at least a little bit when you remind them that Saturday happened.

I really enjoyed my weekend (though I can’t remember the last time I didn’t enjoy a weekend…). My brother came for a brief visit, and and he and I spent time with our sister and new brother-in-law. I attended a bridal shower (although I have to take them in small doses, I do love a good girl party now and then), and then saw a friend perform in a play at a local theater. Then there was some socializing with friends until far too late, and then (perhaps best of all) I spent Sunday afternoon and evening with one of my very dearest friends.

I got to do some thinking in snatches here and there. I thought about friendships and relationships and how good/odd/frightening/frustrating/wonderful they are. I thought about how nice it is to gather good people together to enjoy one another’s company. I thought about how I really ought to try to sleep a bit more on the weekends (but there’s always so much to do). I thought about the way there is nothing better than good conversation (with the exception, of course, of good prayer. Then again, that’s just the best form of conversation, so I think the point stands…).

And I thought about laughter. Weekends are good times to laugh, and I did quite bit of that this weekend. I wonder what it is in laughter that sets the soul free. I remember my spiritual director asking me in our very first meeting a couple years ago, “Are you able to laugh at yourself?,” and I was a little bit surprised by the question. I ask myself that now, though, often. It’s only when you lose that ability to laugh–especially at yourself–that situations become bleak.

I’m so grateful for weekends. They’re such a great reminder that we are not made for work.

Now it’s back to Monday. And even that is good. I love hitting the ground running, refreshed after a couple days away. Time to conquer a new week.

Happy Monday!


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