Domestic Adventures

“An adventure,” G. K. Chesterton once said, “is only an inconvenience rightly considered.”

I recited this to myself through gritted teeth last night as I bagged up and threw away all the food left in my refrigerator/freezer, which stopped working at some point between Friday morning when I left for work and Saturday morning when my visiting brother went to the freezer for ice and returned empty-handed.

“Um,” he said, sitting down at the table across from me with his glass of lukewarm water. “Is your freezer supposed to be cold?”

Ah, the things we take for granted.

The “adventure” part has been plotting my work schedule so I can be home when the repair man comes to fix it this afternoon, creating meals from non-perishables (apples and pasta, anyone?), and determining the most effective way to maximize space in my tiny cooler so I can save at least some of the perishable stuff. (You should know, by the by, that ice is very wet when it melts. And it leaves puddles on the floor, which are quite unpleasant to step in with bare feet.)

This is only an adventure.

I will never take modern technology for granted again.



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