The Holistic Approach to Being Catholic

I love nuns.

Aside from all the obvious reasons, I love the way they get things done (and get anyone and everyone to help them do it). No nonsense, no questions asked, Just Do It. I went with a couple people to help the Missionaries of Charity in one of their D.C. soup kitchens on Saturday morning. There were eight or nine volunteers working alongside four little sisters in a kitchen cooled only be a large fan. The entire operation was a marvel of efficiency. As soon as you finished one task, a sister would appear at your elbow and guide you to the next, giving instructions in broken English, accompanied by hand gestures (and of course, a huge smile). And don’t worry, if you weren’t slicing the potatoes or the apples quite right, they’d let you know.

I loved it. I loved the simplicity of the whole thing, the practical, get-your-hands-dirty approach to being Catholic and helping those in need. No heavenly choirs or profound silences, no heady scent of incense, just the noise of the fan and people chatting as they peeled cucumbers, and the pungent smell of raw chicken.

It’s good to be reminded–often–that the Faith isn’t something we do only in church (though church is where it has to start).


One thought on “The Holistic Approach to Being Catholic

  1. Awesome. I’d like to help next time.
    I wonder how many beggars that ask me for money show up to get fed at this soup kitchen and places like it. Here is where I’d like to help them, not throwing cash at them in the street.

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