I think sometimes in my insistence on living well in the here and now, I fail to look ahead enough to my actual vocation–whatever that may be.

I started this blog last winter to be a place where those of us in this in-between phase (single young adulthood before marriage/vocation, but after school) can come to share ideas and dialogue about the goings-on in our day-to-day lives. No theories about dating or courtship or marriage; no drawn-out discussions of vocations and “openness”; no pinings after a life we’re obviously not being called to live yet, because God has placed us here in the middle. This is life in the gap.

I believe with all my heart that it’s important–even imperative–to learn to rest in the present moment. There’s only ever right now standing between me and heaven. But even as we rest, we have to maintain a heart open to the future. We have to rise each morning with gratitude for a new day, focused on living in the present … but we also have to ask the question: God, what do you want from my life? It’s tough to strike the balance between contentedness in the Now and expectancy for the future. While I’ve learned to combat the impatience for whatever comes next, I think I’ve been settling too much into this phase. I’m getting comfortable.

Comfort and peace are not the same thing. Be at peace, of course, and live the moment, but stay awake and be watchful.


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