No rules

I spotted my first pair of boots this morning. Not rain boots, not cowboy boots, but dressy leather mid-calf boots. Sometimes a girl is so eager to get started on fall fashion she jumps the gun a little bit. We’ll be seeing more of that in D.C. over the next couple weeks before the temperature actually drops.

Granted, it’s after Labor Day, but should that really be our marker for all fall fashion? It’s September 7, and the high today is supposed to be a balmy (albeit rainy) 79. Maybe hold off on those winter boots just a few weeks more…

Granted, in an “east coast vs. west coast” conversation last night I learned we east coast girls take fashion rules a lot more seriously than west coast girls do. That may be partly due to the fact that we have real seasons here, so the rules are more tied to practicality. Yes, I like the way a pair of brown leather boots look under a knee-length knit dress, but I recognize the practical nature of boots also: they keep your legs warm when the temperature drops, as it will…in another month or so. For now I’ll duke it out with my pumps and flats and (for those “really” cold 65 degree days) slacks.

Ah, fashion. How we love to hate you.


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