Life on a Budget

Potted flowers for the dining room table instead of cut flowers.

Getting up fifteen minutes earlier so I have time to throw together something for lunch. (This should align with going to bed fifteen minutes earlier, but that remains a hill to be conquered.)

Spending at least an hour on Sunday afternoon cooking for the week ahead.

Turning down invitations to any event that costs more than a typical movie (and even then only agreeing to cheaper events every now and then)–unless, of course, it’s an NSO concert, at which point I just need a few weeks to set cash aside for it.

Strongly encouraging friends to come over to hang out, or seeking out “free” venues. (Smithsonian Art Museum, anyone?)

Revamping the old fall wardrobe instead of shopping. (Lord, help me.) To include the repair of an old pair of leather boots, rather than the previously meditated purchase of a new pair.

Maybe even doing a little bit of sewing if time permits.

Gritting my teeth and putting the extra money that trickles in now and then into savings. (It’s like eating brussels sprouts. This is good for me.)

Going without the long-desired new bedding, curtains, and remaining furnishings for the bedroom for at least a few months more. (Really, what’s the rush?)

Coupons. Yes, I admit, for the first time in my entire life I sat down on Saturday with the weekly mailing and cut out Safeway coupons. And I intend to use them, too.

And of course, allowing myself–every now and then–a little splurge. Like pizza with the roommate. Really, it’s all about the simple things, anyway.


2 thoughts on “Life on a Budget

  1. I love it! It doesn’t take a whole lot of creativity to think of how to spend money…but saving it? Now that’s an entirely different issue. Here are a few of my own ideas:
    1. Learn how to “dress up” leftovers. Tortillas work great…you can roll up almost anything in them. Or add a sauce to a leftover to give it a slightly different taste. It’s like new!
    2. Use accessories to change an outfit, rather than getting a new shirt or pants. Add a necklace, or a pair or earrings. It works like a charm. (Forgive the pun.)
    3. Make a budget for yourself in excel. It’s fun to track your spending and then at the end of the month, you can see where you might need to make some cuts. And when you become a pro, you might actually be able to share some of your insights with the government.

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