My shoes are wet

The skies opened up the moment–literally the moment–I stepped out of my front door this morning. I thought (for the millionth time), “I need to buy rainboots. And a raincoat.” Instead I tucked my elbows in under my tiny umbrella as the roommate and I squished and splashed our way to the bus stop, where we huddled together with about seven other soggy commuters and waited…and waited…and waited for the bus, while cars drove past and kicked up dirty water at us. And I thought, it’s so easy to let little things like this set the tone for the whole day. I’m wet and shivery and my clothes are now filthy, and I want to stomp my feet and say ugly words and cry.

But if you just take a step back and look at the situation the right way, you see how funny it all is. And if you can laugh–at yourself covered in rain water and splotches of mud, and at the situation–it all becomes so immensely good.

Have  a happy, wet Wednesday.


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