It’s time for an Adventure

October is going to be my month for adventures (more on later adventures…later). Tomorrow I take off for Dallas, TX, where I’ll be spending the weekend with my sister, mostly for fun, and also in celebration of her 23rd birthday (which is actually today). I’m super excited about seeing my sister (who lives way too far away… ), but not so much about flying.

I dislike flying. Intensely. For a variety of reasons, ranging from a deep, deep fear of heights to a particular loathing of anything remotely resembling an invasion of my personal space (which all security measures before flights are). Besides, stewardesses (‘scuse me, Flight Attendants) make me nervous. I’m convinced that they secretly hate us–all of us–and I’m waiting for the day when one of them finally loses it and does something drastic. I have no idea what, but I’m waiting for it. I’m also paranoid about layovers and connecting flights. After a rather scarring experience five years ago in Madrid, I live convinced that connector flights were established for the sole purpose of being missed. They rely far too much on perfect-world scenarios to be practicable, unless you have a five-hour wait (and who wants that?).

So yes, I’m off on an adventure tomorrow, but I just want to make sure you all know that I’m nervous. Just wish me luck and say a prayer for a safe flight, etc.

And in keeping with our theme here, I do just want to say that I love being able to be spontaneous like this. No husband, no kids, nothing to say I can’t take off for the weekend and see something new. Can’t complain!


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