Almost to that one-year mark. How are we doing?

I know, I know, I know. I haven’t posted in a week and a half.

I’m sorry.

I could make a thousand excuses, and explain how I’ve had great ideas when I’m away from the computer, but as soon as I sit down to write I can’t think of them anymore. I could tell you I’ve been excessively busy at work (I have been), a bit cranky (true also), possibly even a little sick (not sure on this one).

But in the end, my only real excuse is this: anything I could write about right now would be so much about me that it has no place on this blog…which isn’t supposed to be my journal, but a place to talk about being a single, Christian young adult.

Which leads to the actual point of this post: It’s time to re-cast the vision of LifeInTheGap. Ideally, I would love to see this blog as a space for reflection/discussion on day-to-day life in this single “phase”–the gap between school and a permanent life vocation. That was the point from the get-go. I never wanted this blog to be “all about me,” and it’s definitely becoming that…mostly because I’m a pretty selfish and self-absorbed person by nature, and I love to talk about myself. And also in large part because I’m a terrible marketer, so my readership hasn’t gone far beyond my wonderful friends, who are willing to tolerate my ramblings.


This is where you all come in.

First: If you, dear reader, have ideas, thoughts, even questions relevant to this blog’s main theme, please send them my way, either via comment, or by email. I’m not sure if I did so before, but I’m going to add a “contact me” link/button/whatever WordPress has to offer to this blog, and I’d really, really, really love to get feedback, ideas for posts, random comments, critiques (be gentle…but do critique), etc. If you’re willing to share your personal experiences, that would be wonderful, too. I’d love to tell other people’s stories, if they’re willing to let them be heard. I can change names to protect the innocent.

Second: Please do share this blog with others you think may find it interesting, even useful. If you’d be willing, add the link to your own blog (and let me know if I can return the favor!); post it on Facebook or Twitter.

Finally: I realize this is just a blog. Who doesn’t keep a blog these days, anyway? If you find you really don’t get anything out of it, be honest about that too. It won’t hurt my feelings because…it’s just a blog. I actually started it last December as a means to an end (which I can’t get into right now), and as we approach the one-year mark I’m going to be reassessing, changing course as needed, and even–if I must–ending it. The LAST thing I want is to add more unnecessary noise to an already over-crowded cyberspace.


9 thoughts on “Almost to that one-year mark. How are we doing?

  1. Ever the conservative, I’d say leave it as it is! I like your unthwarted thoughts, whether because I’m a lemming friend or just because I have good taste, and I don’t see why you need to restrict what you write about or the kind of posts this blog features. Just write what you want! I also like the blog’s new, pretty, clean white design, and my only critique is only one that also applies pre-eminently to my own, text-only, blog posts: more photos/pictures! 😉 Anyway, MB, you are a good enough writer so that even if you think you are writing “all about you,” it always makes me think and reflect on my own life. So keep it up.

    PS YOU post it on FB or Twitter! 😀

    • I love your blog. It’s one of the few entertaining and insightful blogs I’ve found. Not always both, but usually one or the other. I was really excited when you started the blog because I found it difficult to get to know you in person. I’ve learned a lot about you and your really awesome mind by reading your blog.

      As I guy, I can tell you, then when I was ‘into’ a girl (back in my single days), I LOVED reading things she had written. It was a way to get to know her. Some women were a little creeped by the fact that I read what they posted on Facebook, I read things that had written online, I looked at photos they shared. But, I thought then, and still think, that writing what you think and feel is cathartic for the writer and insightful for the reader (if the writer is an interesting or intelligent person). It pained me when reading someone’s writing offended them.

    • Thanks, ma’am! And LOL on your P.S. I can’t post on Facebook (see earlier post), but I do post it on Twitter. (Why do I have a Twitter account of all things, you may ask? Ah. It is a rather long story.)

  2. I would suggest that you keep in mind, writing academically about the theory or perspective on being a single catholic who feels that haven’t found their long-term vocation yet gets boring for both the reader and the writer pretty quickly.

    On the other hand, sharing personal stories that have at least some relation to the theme of your blog, is interesting and engaging. You usually include in each post what your take-away is from each story you tell, each emotion you feel, each train of thoughts you share. I like pondering your take away; I often agree, but sometimes I have a different perspective. I like sharing back with you what my take-away is from your post. I wish more people would share too. Plus, as a writer/poster, it’s always a wonderful feeling to have people comment on your work. Keep it up, I really enjoy it!

  3. I, also, was very excited when you started this blog, and am a faithful reader (although, not commenter : / Alas, I stopped keeping a blog and rarely comment on others’ because I often doubt my own thoughts/opinions. I’m working on this, though : )
    Keep it up as-is, I say, because your writing IS refreshing in it’s honesty. I can hear your voice when I’m reading it, which I believe to be a talent in the writer and a joy for the reader! Ever since I read that post you wrote on FB (back in the day when you still had it) about your morning walk to class in Rome, I thought, Wow, I’d read ANYTHING MB writes, I think. I even remembered your description of everything while I was there, IN Rome, walking the streets.
    Sorry, that was a segue, but my point is that you should keep writing what you need to write, as you need/want to. : )

  4. Keep up the blog MB. There are few real platforms that address this stage we in life we find ourselves in. Singleness gets lost as people generally focus on the next step — marriage.

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