There and Back Again

The month of adventures has come to an end. I touched down in Dulles airport on Thursday afternoon, and I will not be traveling again (except for the jaunt down Virginia Beach way for Christmas) for the foreseeable future. This makes me a little sad, admittedly, but mostly relieved. At the end of everything, there’s no place like home.

But this last trip (to Hawaii) was lovely! (I guess that goes without saying. As a coworker pointed out yesterday, no one comes back from HI and says, “Yeah, it sucked.” Still…) I haven’t seen so many rainbows in my entire life. After a point we all just stopped commenting. “Oh a rainbow!” turned quickly to, “Another rainbow!” and then we just felt silly saying anything about it. It reminded me of finding incorruptibles in Rome–after about the tenth one you just stop getting excited about them.

We ate good food, drank good wine, received the traditional Hawaiian leis at various points, took walks along Waikiki Beach, visited Honolulu’s famous mall, spent some time at the Pearl Harbor Memorial, and in general enjoyed one another’s company. I haven’t spent that much quality time with my parents in ages. And it was, of course, great to hang out with my sister.

Good pictures will, I am afraid, have to follow later. I forgot to bring a camera, so I’m at the mercy of my sister, whenever she chooses to upload hers. I did take a few shots with my phone, and you’ll have to content yourself with those for now.

This was the view back towards the mountains on Oahu–from dad’s kitchen. His place has an amazing view of the island.

Here’s his view of Waikiki Beach and the Pacific:


My sister and I went out shopping one afternoon. She was in the market for a traditional Hawaiian dress, but we didn’t have much luck that day. Still, we stopped in one store that looked pretty authentic. A teeny-tiny Polynesian lady with so many smile lines you could barely see her eyes greeted us at the door. “You here for your muumuus?” she asked us. It took everything in me not to burst out laughing. So that’s where we get that word! Some of the dresses were truly lovely. Most were (I have to be honest) rather garish.

                                                                                       Here’s the sister in one:










Apparently Dad lucked out when it came time to rent a car for his four months on the island. They were all out of traditional sedans. “Can we give you a convertible?” they asked.

So we got to ride around with the top down. A great way to see the island on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

And of course I took myself for long walks, some along Waikiki Beach (sorry, no pictures until the sister sends them), some through Honolulu, and one down the Ala Wai canal (picture below).

Not too much else to relate. It was great to get away, see some new things, and relax with the family. Now back to real life. I hit the ground running–hard–on Friday with work. Nothing says “welcome home!” like deadlines and production schedules.




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