So Selfish

So it never fails. A family member comes to visit (usually a sibling), and I’m inevitably brought nose to nose with the reality that I’ve become a Very Selfish Human Being. I’m no longer used to consulting with other people about my schedule. I’m not used to revamping my plans to accommodate someone else. I dislike feeling tethered to another person’s expectations about where we’re going, what we’re doing, or what’s for dinner.

Granted, the joy of having a family member visiting more than makes up for the little frustrations. But being slapped in the face by faults I thought I’d licked years ago is never pleasant. Humbling, yes. But not pleasant.


3 thoughts on “So Selfish

  1. That happened to me too, but right before it was going to happen I anticipated it. I realized what it would be like, because my sister is a strong personality and also an adult–so it’s NATURAL that it’s going to be a stretch, because we have grown into different people, not living alongside each other, not even on the same track. In a way, the more different you are from your family member, the easier it is to accommodate him/her . . . it’s when you expect them to be/think/feel like you that things get tough!

  2. BTW, this is really evident when you get married. All of a sudden most decisions are consensus and many involve compromise. Maybe that’s one of the ways marriage brings such grace to us throughout our lives; enforces humiliy, obedience, and slowly, help’s us to imitate (in our lowly human way) some aspects of Christ.

    I also struggle greatly with this. Living on your own makes it easy to become more selfish.

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