Weekend moments

God made fire for gathering friends together on cold winter evenings. I’m sure of it. I enjoyed conversation around not one, not two, but three fires this weekend, and I’m pretty sure I could go for it every night if such a thing were possible. Let’s have lots more this winter, shall we?

I finally got my high schoolers to help write a Christmas pageant, but getting them to narrate it to a room full of people turned out to be quite a different story. The DRE looked at me with some concern on Sunday morning and said, “We’ll definitely need microphones for the performance.” Oh well, one small step at a time.

A very small boy took a fancy to my red walking shoes on Sunday afternoon. In so many gestures he ordered me to remove them from my own feet so he could put them on his and drag himself around the room in them. Since my shoes were almost as big as he is, it made for quite the feat. I am kicking myself for not taking pictures, but I didn’t want to spoil the moment by jumping up to grab my phone. I feel like we spend so much time inserting cameras between ourselves and actual moments that we miss out on full experiences. Still, it makes it difficult to share memories with those who weren’t there, when the adorable visuals are stuck only in my own head.

Just a few verbal snapshots of a lovely, whirlwind Advent weekend. I’m looking forward to the possibility of some stillness later this week…the final pause before the Feast. May you also find some stillness in which to look toward Him with eagerness—and peace.



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