What’s left of 2011…

I accidentally picked up a Spanish version of the complimentary 2012 calendar my church is giving out this year. I don’t speak a word of Spanish, but I guess I can figure out the important things. (Example: Enero is, presumably, January.) Learning Spanish has been on my bucket list for years anyway.

My entire office is now decked out in 2012 calendars and schedules, and all the projects on my plate are books that will print and launch in 2012. My youth group schedule, Bible study, planned adventures, even new goals for writing and for this blog…all are 2012. 2011 quickly fades out. Now I’m not much of a one for new year’s resolutions and I don’t set much store by throwing the past behind me so I can jump into the future with both feet. I simply do not believe that tomorrow will be better than today unless you set about making today the best it can possibly be. Since I will still be I tomorrow, and the world will probably still be the same old world, the only chance I have at getting/doing/being what and who I want is to set about getting/doing/being that person right now. Right?

Still, there’s a real sense of optimism in setting out on a new adventure in a new year. There were lots of really great things in 2011: this blog, new writing projects, several new friends, a new house, a couple dates, a couple adventures to far-off places, a couple weddings, a couple births… But I failed in my one Big Resolution: to get something (anything!) published. (I have one story out to a small journal, but no word back yet. With a sigh I admit: I’m not too hopeful.) So I’m looking forward to making that  a reality in 2012. It’ll take a lot of work, but I’m excited by the challenge of the whole thing.

But enough of this looking forward, let’s get back to the facts at hand. What’s left for 2011? Two work days, some laundry, some prayer, and a two-day trip to New York City with some of my dear friends. Details–and hopefully pictures–to follow, never you fear.

I hope you’re able to make the remainder of  your 2011 everything you ever dreamed of. And maybe even more.


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