Metro: Daily opening doors and gladdening hearts

Aaaaand we’re back.

Back to the 6:15 a.m. alarm, the whistle of the tea kettle at 7:00, and the 8:00 huddle on the metro platform surrounded by fellow commuters. Then the jostling 8:15 ride into the city, where hale and hearty young men snag empty seats while old women stand, and young women in pea coats glower at their iPhones to avoid making eye contact with the rest of the world. But the full force of being “back to normal” didn’t really hit me until later this morning when, after I waited for nearly ten minutes in line at the metro store in Metro Center to cash in four old fare cards I’ve been carrying around for ages because they de-magnetized, the lady with out-of-focus eyes who greeted me wearily from behind her glass window glared, held up one somewhat indignant finger, and said, “We only replace one fare card a day per customer.”

Thank you, metro. Yet another example of how our public transit system fills my soul with such…warmth and joy. No, really.

(image from here)