A weakness for bullet points

The problem with “to-do” lists is that they never go away.


They get longer and the items get more complicated and/or expensive, but they cling stubbornly to life.

I got distracted this afternoon at work, thinking about my current to-do list:

  • Finish ironing. (Half my clothes have been hanging in the laundry room for nearly a month, waiting for me to take the time to run an iron over them. I’m just making do with what’s in my closet still…and doesn’t need to be ironed.)
  • Come up with an armchair for my bedroom. (Once I finally acquire an affordable–or even better: free–chair, I will, I keep telling myself, set up a good schedule for writing in the evenings and praying in the mornings. For now, sans comfy chair, I haven’t come anywhere near such a schedule. What will be my excuse once I do have a chair? That’s the question.)
  • Get car washed, inside and out. (I can almost write my name in the dust on my dashboard. And let’s not talk about the exterior…)
  • Take same car in for 15k-mile checkup. (If I get it in for the 15k checkup before we hit 20,000 miles, I’ll be doing well.)
  • Go to the grocery store. (I like to push it to the point of ridiculous. We’re not quite there yet. I still have: uncooked pizza dough, half a jar of tomato sauce, some pasta, oatmeal, four eggs, half an onion, enough lettuce for one salad, and some cheese. I should be good to go, really, for another week.)
  • TAXES.
  • Learn new software. (Which I will be able to do much more effectively once I purchase said software.)
  • Sell old laptop. (I’ve been meaning to sell that old laptop for two years.)
  • Finish blanket for bed. (Started five months ago. Folded up and put in basket two months ago. I haven’t touched it since.)
  • Fix items of clothing that have been hanging unwearable in closet for the past two years either due to stains, tears, or size problems.
  • In same vein, look into seamstress to re-style old bridesmaid dresses.
  • Sell shoes I’ve never worn and probably never will. (Long story.)
  • Purchase rain boots.
  • Bring up remaining books from parents’ house.
  • Re-set living room clock (which never “fell back” in November…and will, at this point, probably just wait until it’s right again in the spring).
  • Rearrange bedroom furniture.

It goes on. And on. I won’t bore you with the rest of it, I’ll just continue to be distracted by it. Maybe it’s just part of the human condition. Or maybe it’s a sign that I need to stop making lists and start focusing on the task in front of me. Back to work…


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