Some Great Blogs

I found myself recently listed in a fellow blogger’s post, awarding honorable mentions to bloggers with 200 or fewer followers. It seems only right to return the favor. So without further ado, a list of a few of my favorite Catholic blogs:

Sometimes Things Happen to Me, a blog by a young woman I don’t know actually, but who seems to be a kindred spirit in every sense of the term. She manages to write everything with this perfect mix of serious and funny that leaves you chuckling and thinking.

How to Survive Online Dating, a blog my sister started about the ins and outs of dating online, especially as a Catholic. I don’t date online (see my post on this topic), but I get a kick out of hearing about her adventures.

No One Else Is Singing!, a friend’s blog on all sorts of things.

Qui Cum Que Vult, my brother’s blog on apologetics. There’s a reason I’ve taken to calling him “the professor” when I mention him to my friends. (He’s not a professor…yet. Maybe once he gets out of high school…)

Sacred Monkeys of the Vatican, and this is probably a huge insult, because I’m sure she has like a million a followers. Still, it’s one of my favorites, and the friend who keeps it is also one of my favorites, so I had to mention her here.

Beyond Pearls, a dear friend’s mother’s blog, which deals with all sorts of topics–religious, cultural, political, familial–from a very wise perspective.

I could add so many more, but I’m assuming there’s a limit. Definitely check these out, if you haven’t done so already. (I’ve had them listed in my blogroll for a while.)


3 thoughts on “Some Great Blogs

  1. You are too flattering! I’m a lot smaller than you think, and it is a huge compliment to be mentioned on your blog! 🙂

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