Breathe in…and out. In…and out.

I’ve started dreaming about starving African children. Okay, that’s a lie, I haven’t, but my guilty sub-conscious should really be leading me along that path. I have thrown away enough moldy vegetables in the past month to feed an entire family. Or at least to make a whole family one mediocre meal. I guess I have to chalk it up to busy-ness, but really…remind me, people: when I’m this busy, I have no business buying produce.

The wilted lettuce was one thing–once. But then the moldy broccoli happened; the wizened lemons; the slimy asparagus; the brown onions; and last night, the squishy kiwi. The entire produce section at Giant has a “MOST WANTED” memo out with my face on it. I’ve become a threat to healthy society.

The only solution, apparently, is to give up on health altogether and succumb to MacDonald’s. Or take out stock in canned peas. Or stop eating.

That is, until two weeks from now when (I think…) my life will slow down dramatically and I can start pulling all the pieces back together again. And eating vegetables.


One thought on “Breathe in…and out. In…and out.

  1. That’s what they make the salad bars in Giant for. One service of fresh veggies, eat right away. I KNOW it’s a rip-off (price/lbs wise) but it’s better than throwing away stuff! I was a salad bar junkie when I was single and busy.

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