What you can feel tomorrow

I’m an emotional procrastinator.

Why feel today what you can feel tomorrow? So I put off emotional activities, like saying good-bye, confrontation, reading troubling news, and falling in love. I set them in a neat pile and tell myself, “I’ll come back to these when I can handle them.”

Which means, really, “I’ll come back to these when circumstances force them on me and I have to deal with them whether I like it or not.”

Well, those circumstances are about to descend with a vengeance. I’m moving Saturday. My family leaves for Hawaii on Monday. And Thursday may very well be my last evening spent with an old friend who’s about to enter a cloistered convent in New York. Not to mention the other old friend whose wedding is in two weeks. So if you happen to encounter me at any point in the next week, and if I seem distracted, confused, tearful, or even manic, I ask you to excuse me. I’m clearly undergoing the effects of weeks and weeks of emotional procrastination. Because, unfortunately, if you DON’T feel today what you can feel tomorrow, what you feel tomorrow is bound to be all the more…explosive.

*Roommate and soon-to-be-roommates: consider yourselves duly warned. I will be requiring higher than usual dosages of chocolate, red wine, and girl time in the weeks ahead.



One thought on “What you can feel tomorrow

  1. You will have all of this and more! We are ready for you Mary Beth!! And don’t worry if you have the emotions of a girl… we expect that!

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