Apparently I got so absorbed in the morning paper today that I lost track of where I was. I glanced up after finishing a riveting article on Romney’s campaign methods to find myself standing on the platform at Archives, Navy Memorial metro station, with my train pulling out on the track behind me. (For those of you not familiar with my morning route, I’m supposed to transfer to the Red Line at Gallery Place. Archives is 1.1 miles–according to Google maps–from my office.)

I figured I could use the extra exercise anyway, so I just walked from there.

Still, who knew Romney could be so interesting?

That’s a joke, by the way. Mostly I realized this morning what might be the Biggest Problem with Mitt Romney as the GOP candidate this election cycle: while Obama is a flesh-and-blood human being with an interesting backstory and loads of personality and charisma (at least so they say), and now four years of experience in the Oval Office, Romney is just “the other option.” Sure, Obama hasn’t fixed unemployment and has arguably made it worse, he’s exploded our national debt, he’s enacted legislation that makes conservatives everywhere howl, he’s pro-pro-pro abortion/gay marriage/sex ed for Kindergarteners/you name it…but at least we know him. All we know about Romney is that he’s the not-Obama.

And quite frankly, I’m not sure how comforting most of us find that.

Clearly I’m so distracted by it I can’t even figure out where I am or where I’m supposed to be going…


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