Suggestions for Official Design

So folks, I’m at my wits’ end. I need to figure out a real design for this blog, and–while I think I have decently artistic tastes–I keep coming up empty. The picture of birds was really just supposed to be a goofy placeholder, and it’s becoming permanent. I’m growing resentful.

The plan since Day 1 of this blog was to create a clear, professional look for the blog. I’d like to come up with a simple, attractive, non-girly design that’s easily recognizable. Something pertinent to the overall theme would, of course, be ideal. I’m reaching out to my readership now for suggestions. Does anything strike you in particular? Any ideas pop into your head, be they ever so crazy? I know many of you keep blogs yourself, and most of you have much better artistic/marketing ideas than I do. Please share. ‘Twould be much appreciated.


The Uninspired



6 thoughts on “Suggestions for Official Design

  1. For some reason I just thought of those magnetic poetry words that people have on their fridge. There are gaps between the words. Perhaps they can factor in somewhere . . .

  2. I also like playing off the “Mind the Gap” artwork, etc. from the London tube system. Simple and streamlined is best if you want to stay away from girly, but use some of your Europe photography!

    • Thanks, Beth! Both are great thoughts. My only hesitation on Mind the Gap (aside from possible copyright issues) is that I don’t know if I could handle seeing an image of a public transportation system staring down at me from my page. 😉 It’s like having metro follow you wherever you go. Yikes. But I’m still pondering ways I could make that work. The word magnets idea is great, too!

  3. Why not use as your header a specifically staged photograph, symbolic of you journeying in the gap, between a college and a church, or a group of college students and a married couple, or however you envision the gap, with a landscape in the background. I bet you could find a number of volunteers to help you set it up, perhaps you even have some friends who love photography? If you could do something original like that, I think that would be a) obviously unique b) showcase some of your creativity and c) might be fun.

    To illustrate, imagine this: backdrop, park along Potomac with river in background and city beyond. To the right edge young adults partying at a picnic, to the left, an outdoor wedding ceremony, and you in the foreground in the center with your back to the camera (perhaps shoulders up) with head turned slightly to the left to indicate direction of movement, leaning on a finger making a “hmmm” face. Or sitting under a tree in the center doing what you love in the interim: writing.

    The need for a panoramic shot due to the header space lends itself to these sort of ideas.

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