It’s a Monday

You know you have great friends when you can have a hypoglycemia-induced meltdown all over them on Friday night, and they still agree to hang out with you not just on Saturday night, but Sunday afternoon, too.

You know who you are. Y’all are the best.


And tomorrow is the long-awaited Election Day. On the one hand I just want it all to be over, and on the other I’m actually nervous about how things might turn out. So I’m going to be jumping on this bandwagon, and I hope many of you will consider joining me. If nothing else, this election year has really hammered home for me the absolute necessity of prayer in our public activity. We can do nothing without grace. Regardless of the outcome tomorrow, we need to pray that God will bless our nation. I hope you’ll join me. 


2 thoughts on “It’s a Monday

  1. I always forget to pray about things. It’s quite awful.

    Another blogger suggested fasting, which is also a great idea! I’ll do both. I also find myself a bit nervous about the outcome, despite being basically apathetic about it all up until now. I have low expectations, but high hopes. I’ll definitely be praying with you!

  2. Yeah, I always forget to pray, too, but the three of us prayed the Rosary tonight – Maggie was up later, hopefully working on getting in line with DST ending, so she prayed with us. I hope for the best, but dunno what to expect. I pray God guides our country because it needs Him, though it doesn’t acknowledge this. As a matter of fact, it denies Him, well, a lot of it does.

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