Improve your mind

I’ve started carrying books around with me (total weight of purse with said objects: about 84 pounds), in the vain hope that I’ll start making time for real reading and improvement of my mind. I’ve been carrying the books around for about two weeks. So far I’ve read one page.


That’s one page of the foreword to my particular translation of Plato’s “Republic.” 

I mean, it’s the thought that counts, right?

In all seriousness, though: getting back to basics by reading the classics is Item #1 on the agenda for this year. Once I figure out what extras in my schedule can go so I have some free time. 

I heard you roll your eyes.


3 thoughts on “Improve your mind

  1. I’d like to actually finish some of the books I’ve been either reading/putting off reading for the past 3 years (*ahem* Kristen Lavransdatter – begun in, oh, 2009? 2010?) So I hear you about the classics bit : )

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