Back to the normal

And now a moment of tribute to a Christmas tree that has been very dear to me. 



Christmas Tree # 27 in a long line of holiday adornments. You’ve been a good tree, tree. 

Sadly, all good things must end.

The lights and wreaths are coming down all over the neighborhood, and discarded trees have begun to line the sidewalks. The roommates and I sat around last night and agreed the time has come to take down our tree as well. It still stands bravely in its corner by the sofa, though its needles have started to fall off and its branches droop. 

I have never been an advocate of leaving Christmas trees standing until spring. I know some households that keep them up at least until February, and even that strikes me as a little much. The Christmas feast officially ended on Sunday, didn’t it? Granted, the season continues, but the time for decorated trees has past.

I will admit to a little tinge of sadness, though. Letting go of Christmas and drifting back into ordinary time gets harder every year. Who was it that said, “Heaven can wait?”

He clearly never got much out of Christmas. 


7 thoughts on “Back to the normal

  1. Eh, “Christmas” ended with Epiphany, but this is still the “week following Epiphany” in the liturgical year (not classified as Ordinary Time, quite yet) – so you could justify leaving it up through THIS Sunday : )

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