The week in review

In the interests of time, ability, and just plain old Monday blues, the following post is brought to you news bulletin style.

  • My car got towed for the first time in my life yesterday. If you’ve ever had this happen to you, then you know. There’s nothing quite so odd as walking to the place where you know you left your vehicle, and finding it very decidedly not there. I could hear the wind whistling and see the tumbleweeds bouncing across the lot. Thank goodness I wasn’t alone, or I probably would have lost it right there, in the middle of an abandoned Arlington parking lot. Have I mentioned that Arlington parking is the worst in the world? ImageIn the past six months, two parking tickets and now this. I obey signs, too, so don’t laugh. The trouble is, there are no signs. They hide them. On purpose. I would have been humiliated facing the woman behind the trailer window in the impound lot, except that she had a mullet. Who can be ashamed in front of a grown woman with a mullet? No one.
  • ImageI had a birthday and turned an unspecified age. Don’t ask, it’s rude. The key point here is not how old I am, but how loved. Seriously, thanks so much for all the text messages, emails, Facebook posts, phone calls, and what have you. I’m so blessed.
  • Lent is almost here. Does anyone else get nervous before Ash Wednesday? I always dread it, the same way I dread jumping into a cold body of water. Once you’re in it’s fine, but that initial chilly plunge…the very thought induces a shudder.
  • On a completely serious note, while I’m trying to be understanding, I can’t shake my own selfish sorrow over the pope’s announced resignation. Father mentioned it before the opening prayer at this morning’s Mass, and I kept hoping my ears were still adjusting to being awake or something. It’s like being told your grandfather just stepped down from his role in the family. Of course I want him to rest and I am in complete agreement that he ought to be able to fulfill his duties, but there’s the little kid in me that’s still got to get over the initial fear/fury at being abandoned. May God bless him abundantly in these next months, and give us the proper new Pontiff.



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