May’s Theme

It’s May already, folks. And like clockwork, the rains let up last night, leaving us a beautiful, sunny day today. Great way to start the month of Mary, no?

This brief post is simply to alert any and all would-be guest posters that this month’s theme will be: Purposeful living as an (often) aimless, single wanderer

Make of it what you will, of course, but in general we’re thinking practical. Of course the pivotal thing in living a life of purpose is having somewhere you’re going, and that somewhere should probably be heaven, and how you get there should first of all be prayer.

But for the blog, we’d love to see pieces on how you maintain focus/purpose in your daily, mundane living — whether it be keeping your schedule carefully scribbled in a planner (or an iPhone), routine trips to the gym, hobbies, plying away at your work or studies, going to bed on time, hitting snooze only once (ONCE) in the morning, clean eating, cat naps, going dancing on Friday nights — how do you keep your sense of purpose from one day to the next?

And as always, we’ll welcome posts on other topics, too. This is just to get the wheels turning if you’re looking for inspiration.


One thought on “May’s Theme

  1. Hi! I am interested in submitting some guests posts. 🙂 Could you e-mail me any instructions/guidelines that I might need to know? Thank you!!

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