Job Interviews (Rated Unpleasant for Everyone)

It’s really funny being a grown-up. 

Remember when you were a teenager interviewing for your first job at….say….Target. You filled out a piddly little application online that took you about 15-20 minutes to complete while working leisurely. You got a call back and were scheduled for a 15-20 minute interview. You rummaged through your closet, found a nice pair of khakis and a clean business-casual-style shirt, put the two on, brushed your hair, and off you went and were probably offered the job on the spot. 

Oh, those were the days. 

Today I got a call for an interview which I scheduled for tomorrow. I know, what was I thinking?? Oh that’s right….I was thinking that I need a job. But I digress. I promptly googled everything I could about the organization for which I’ll be interviewing, I updated my “questions” list in my oh-so-professional black leather resume folder, I prepared myself for the dreaded question: “Tell me about yourself!” And I rummaged through my purse to find my clear nose ring so as to look slightly more professional. 

And then I stopped dead in my tracks as I remembered with horror: NONE OF MY CLOTHES FIT ME ANYMORE. 

This could pose a problem. 

I promptly ran upstairs to where all of my clothes are still in suitcases in my bedroom and began the never-tidy task of diving through all of them to pull out something – ANYTHING – that would work. In the end, I had a very small stack of 3 skirts that MIGHT fit, but were either old and too big or hand-me-downs from friends and too small, about 2 shirts, 2 cardigans, a blouse, and a dress, and a very large pile of all the rest of my clothes. I’ll deal with that later (maybe).  

Next: time to gather as many opinions as I can. First up, call my older sister who is basically a wealth of knowledge of all things professional and is in general my go-to person. She didn’t answer. (Way to not love me, Mabel.) No big deal, call the next person on my list. No answer again. This went on for about 4 more tries. I gave up.

I then saw that I had a Facebook message from a friend, so I decided to ask her opinion. She was of the mindset that skirts should never EVER be worn for an interview. Well how the heck is that supposed to help me now? I have a grand total of zero pants other than jeans and khakis, and I’m not 16 anymore. 

By now it’s about 4 in the afternoon, and I’m almost frantic. I have a quick Skype date with Mom, show her the ensemble I’m considering, and decide after wearing the skirt for a bit that it is uncomfortable and rides up funny when I sit. Not good. Soooooo….off I toddle to J.C.Penney, where I try on at least 20 skirts and slacks, and (after another failed attempt at calling Mabel – you’re really dropping the ball today, hon) decided finally on a nice grey skirt. SUCCESS! 

And then I get home and decide I’m probably going to pair it with a white blouse and dark purple sweater and I’ll cross the accessories bridge when I come to it. (Too much information? Sorry. I like clothes!)

Yippee! Wardrobe malfunction solved. 

And now I have to try to remain as calm as possible for the next 16 hours (give or take) until I actually show up for the interview. So what do I do? I watch youtube interview videos, of course! 

Like this one

(So hey, that being said, if you have a minute tomorrow, then say a quick prayer for me, will you? I’d greatly appreciate it!)

More to follow…….



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