The Truth about Funks

It’s way too easy, when you slip into a funk, to believe that you’re alone in your funk. Your funk is yours and yours only. Everyone around you lives happy, fulfilling lives and they never, ever fall into funks of their own, because funks are the sort of thing that only … ever … happen … to … you. 

You’re a lonely, sad person stuck living in a happy world. 

When you catch yourself in that frame of mind, do yourself and the world a favor and say, “Self. Shut up.” It’s a load of crock. Hooey. Asininity. Untruth. 

Be your funk ever so great, there is always, always, always someone out there walking around under a bigger cloud … and with better reason.

Maybe your office mate just lost her grandmother. Maybe your roommate is feeling worn down after months of working an irregular schedule. Maybe your dear friend is coping with a death in the family. Maybe that acquaintance just called off his wedding, and another is trying to go back to school, and a third just quit her job because she couldn’t take it anymore and is trying to figure out what exactly she wants to do with her life.  

Maybe you’ve been hurting people’s feelings and pushing loved ones away while you’ve been stuck in your funk, because you’re so busy being there you’ve lost sight of your own loveableness. I’m just saying, it’s a distinct possibility. 

Fortunately, funks pass.

And in the meantime you know that people are praying for you. One morning you go to Mass and discover that someone had it offered just for you — just because. Another day your sister’s boyfriend lights a candle for you in his church in another state because he heard you might need it. One evening you get a text from your best friend that just says, “Just because.” 

And then one night you come home from work and your amazing roommate has cleaned out the refrigerator till it sparkles and looks like this: 


And that’s just kind of awesome. 

Funk or no funk, God is good. Love goes on regardless of feeling. And you never have any excuse to close in on yourself and cry that no one cares. That stopped being acceptable when you were fifteen, and it’s never been true. 




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