June’s Theme

A new month, a new theme! 

This month we’re breaking away from everything LifeintheGap ever claimed or wanted to be. We’re diving in and getting our hands a little dirty. Yes, folks, June will be the month of relationships

Whether it’s dating, familial, friendships, roommates, or some combination of all of the above — we’d love to see your thoughts on maintaining healthy, happy relationships as a single “young” adult. 

Please reach out if you’re interested in writing a guest post. You can email the address provided on this blog or (probably more effective) contact us via our Facebook page (which you can “like” to the right of this post). 

As always, thanks for reading and for joining the conversation. We’re over 100 likes on the Facebook page. Next goal: 200. Please spread the word to help us get there! 


2 thoughts on “June’s Theme

  1. Oh, this is exciting! I can’t wait to read insights and gain new ideas and perspectives. My blog link has changed since I last emailed you (as has my email), so I’m afraid the last message I sent your way needs a little update… Thanks! God bless you!

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