November’s Theme: Forgiveness

The fall colors hit their peak this weekend in the Northern Virginia area. I realized it as I crested the hill leading into my neighborhood on Saturday afternoon and saw the long avenue of oranges, reds, and browns standing out against a dazzling blue sky. You know those moments where you feel like you’ve just gotten a brief glimpse of something Other? The veil is lifted for a quarter of a second and you wonder if you’ve fallen into heaven without realizing it. That’s how I felt in that moment, seeing all the glory of autumn on a beautiful weekend day. 

Now it is November, and time for a new theme of the month. I’ve been struggling with selecting a topic that fits this month. My ideas have been all over the place, but the one I keep coming back to is forgiveness.

The fact of forgiveness, and my need to be forgiven and to forgive, has been very close to my heart in recent weeks. It can be a difficult topic, but I think it’s one that merits its time in the spotlight on this blog.

People hurt each other. It’s a simple fact of life, and asking for — and granting — forgiveness over slights and hurts should be an equally simple fact. Unfortunately, many of us have a hard time making it to step 2. I was reflecting in Mass today on some areas in my own life where I haven’t taken the step of forgiving people who hurt me, some of them recently, others years ago. This leads me to ponder how many people I may have hurt, without asking for forgiveness. And how is this failure to forgive hurting my heart as I try to prepare for a vibrant and fruitful life, wherever my vocation may be? 

In other words, how can I as a single person really prepare for the life God is calling me to if I’m holding onto grudges, or refusing to acknowledge when I may need to ask forgiveness?

There’s a lot to chew on here, and it seems appropriate as we begin to look toward Advent, and the coming of Mercy Himself into the world. “Virginia” and I will weigh in, as always; and we’d love guest posts from you, our readers. If you want to share a personal story and prefer to do so anonymously, that’s always great, too!

Thanks to each of you for reading, for commenting, and for sharing with your friends and families. We love your input! The blog is about to celebrate its third birthday, and it’s been such a wonderful journey, exploring the single life with you. Please know how truly grateful we are for the opportunity to write about these issues that are so close to many of our hearts, and for your encouragement, support and feedback. (And of course, your guest posts.)  


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