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Sarah Therese


Sarah Thérèse is a 20-something homeschool grad-turned-Montessori Teacher Assistant currently working towards a degree in Early Childhood Education. She blogs about her journey toward a deeper relationship with Christ at Footprints On My Heart.  


Did you expect this time of singleness? 

To give an idea of where I am in life: I am in my 20s, old enough to enjoy some wine, but still in college though eagerly anticipating my May 2014 graduation. And, yes, I am single. Did I expect to still be single? I was not open to romantic relationships in high school; once in college, I became more open to the idea of it, but wasn’t sure I was ready for it in practice. That said, I am not surprised that I’m a senior in college and single. If in a few years I am still single and am asked the same question, my answer might be different.

Is it what you expected it to be? 

When I was preparing for college I had aspirations to study music, become a professional violinist, and see my name in lights. I had a few schools in mind, but was perfectly clueless on how I intended to reach these goals (e.g., how to pay tuition). Keeping a violin in tune is expensive enough, let alone paying your way through music school. Picture this: today I am about to graduate with a degree in Early Childhood Education, I work at a Montessori preschool, I still live with my parents, still play music and … absolutely love my life. But my life is completely different from anything I had dreamed of as I stepped foot on campus for the first time three and a half years ago. Is this what I expected? No. Am I disappointed? Far from it. If anything, I’m pleasantly surprised not only by what I’m doing, but also by how much I enjoy it.

How does faith play a role in your actions and your outlook on your life as a single young adult? 

My Faith became real to me in college as I began to realize that Jesus wants a personal relationship with me. He loves me enough to die for me. I love spending time with Him. I love going to daily Mass. I love that my diocese has so many options for daily Mass, so many parishes in close proximity to each other, and the Sacraments are so easily accessible. Yes, Faith is a daily part of my life.

Since you have this time, what are some challenges you give yourself?

I am crazy competitive and a bit of a perfectionist, so I tend to enjoy challenging myself. Often very hard on myself, I do sometimes hurt myself in the process and I do not recommend following suit. I might challenge myself to pray a rosary every day for a set timeframe, spend a certain amount of time studying every day, or intentionally spend an entire shift at work looking for and practicing ways I can go out of my way to help others. I pick little things, commonly acts of charity, that no one else is likely to notice, but will provide me with an opportunity to pray for another person, whether a mental prayer or offering up an unwanted task for them.

If you didn’t have to worry about failure, what would you do with this time that you might be putting off out of fear?

It’s probably fairly obvious: I love life and intend to enjoy it to the maximum. My one regret at this point is that I am severely directionally challenged and the prospect of traveling by myself scares me enough to keep me home for most holidays and vacation time. I do wish I felt more freedom to go on a weekend adventure by myself sometime and be alone … just me and my God … delighting in the beauty of his handiwork in creation.

Finally, since I am young, about to graduate college, and single … how do I intend to enjoy life to the fullest now? I enjoy reading by a lake and listening to the song of creation. I enjoy the challenge of finding some way to turn the dullest situation into a moment to remember. I love jokes, laughter, music, family, Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra, the incredible blessing of celebrating the holidays with family, and the difficult task of finding a beautiful gift for each family member that won’t soon be forgotten. Simply put, I love when God’s grace turns the simplest, littlest moments in life into something extraordinarily beautiful.



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