Profile #8: Cara Hanscom

Profiles in the Gap

Cara Hanscom


Cara Hanscom is a 1st Grade Teacher living and working in Northern Virginia.

“You’re ready.”

This is what I heard while sitting in a car outside the auto repair shop. The guy who had spent two years sending mixed signals and was at my side to rescue me from my car troubles, was finally outing the reason for his wish-washy behavior and laying down his final decision.

“You’re cute and cool, but…” But is all I needed. I was ready and he wasn’t.

Flash forward three years, just one year shy of being thirty, and I’m still ready, and still waiting. Ready is subjective, though. I may appear ready. I have a masters degree, I have a teaching certification, I have a job, so, yes, the next logical step would be marriage. I also have a strong desire for marriage that began at, oh, I don’t know, age three.

Desire may not be the best qualifier for being ready, then. What I can say is this: I have become better and more ready each day. I have had experiences now that I never would have had with a family in tow. I have had the opportunity to touch hundreds of families’ lives in a way that only the focus of a single person could muster. I have built relationships with people who have helped and continue to help shape me each and every day, and more importantly I have built up my relationship with God. Each day I am more ready and suited to be a wife and mother.

Was I ready three years ago? Yes. Was I ready six years ago? Yes. Am I ready today? Yes. But God’s plans for me are bigger and better than I could ever imagine, so I must trust that I will be better off tomorrow than I am today, and enjoy this time of growth that I have generously been given.


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