Profile No. 10: Dan Smyth

Profiles in the Gap

Dan Smyth


Dan Smyth lives in Rockville, MD. He is co-founder and editor of

I try to see life in terms of its blessings, and singleness can be a blessing. I like’s definition of “blessing” as “a gift bestowed by God, thereby bringing happiness.” 

Singleness as a young adult has given me time to grow spiritually and personally. For one, since my early twenties I’ve made strides in trying to love God with all my heart, mind, soul, and strength. My spiritual director, who has instructed me since earlier this year, has helped me improve my prayer life.

Also, when I moved to the DC area in 2008 after graduate school in Baltimore, I made the best Catholic friends I’ve ever had. Several of us started the Bethesda Young Adult Ministry at Our Lady of Lourdes, which continues today. I’ve also helped lead the St. Lawrence Society, a prayer group for Catholic men that meets monthly and cosponsors such larger events as the 2014 Epiphany Party for Catholic Young Adults.

Other blessings I have as a single Catholic in DC include the following:

Of course, if one’s vocation is marriage, then meeting the right person could be a bigger blessing than singleness. However, as blessings are God’s gifts, one can’t expect to receive a blessing. This Christmas, just try telling family members that you expect certain gifts and, if you don’t get them, you’ll be upset.

I’d like to meet Miss Right, as it’d be a blessing. Can I get an Amen?



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