Profile No. 16: Jaclyn Weber

Profiles in the Gap

Jaclyn Weber


Jaclyn Weber lives and works in Northern Virginia

With two siblings married with several children, one headed to grad school, and the youngest dating, I am the big sister that everyone wants to match up with someone. Every time I see any of my many relatives they give me their condolences that I am still single, wanting to know if my Mr. Right is out there somewhere. There are many times when I can see how one would react by living on the couch with Ben & Jerry’s Greek Raspberry Fudge Frozen Yogurt for a week watching “He’s Just Not That Into You” because of the sting of those comments.

They mean well, but they sure know how to say the wrong thing! Anyway, I am very at peace with being single, which is a true gift from the Lord, and while I did not expected to still be single it is what I need. When I was a teen I totally thought I would be married and have my first child by that time I was twenty-five. In the years following graduation I have had some real ups and downs because of jobs and friends. I have grown so much as a person because of them, and now as I am getting close to 30 I see that I was not even close to ready to start the vocation of marriage right after college. I am called to become the best version of myself, and that means I currently need to become a good daughter, sister, roommate, friend, employee, and person in general that you may meet at the store.

Am I there yet? No, but it is impossible to be perfect like God, and all I need to do is struggle towards Jesus Christ with every action every day, and I will be on the right path. Having so many wonderful, faithful Catholic friends really helps me, as we can challenge each other and they are a great example to me to keep striving onward. I am blessed to work in a place where we start the day with prayer and meditation, so I do not even have to work hard to pray daily.

During these single years I am enjoying my freedom, working on my bad habits and trying to cultivate good ones, picking up new hobbies (hiking is my most recent one), and working on good communication in my relationships with family and friends. This time is a gift and should be treasured!


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