Morning mysteries

I took my usual morning walk to the metro this morning, enjoying the bright sunshine (thank you, time change!) and the crisp fall air. Soooo nice.

Stumbled upon two mysteries as I went, though, and thought I’d share.

The first:

I have no words. Perhaps I should be kinder–that sofa appears to be truly frightened.

And the second:

Granted, slightly less mysterious. Obviously this road sign doesn’t want to catch cold. Makes perfect sense.


One thought on “Morning mysteries

  1. P.S. Excuse the crooked state of that second photo. This old lady was walking up behind me with her two dogs as I positioned myself to take the picture, and she gave me the strangest look. At first I thought, “Sheesh, rude.” Then I realized she might be looking at me like that because I was taking a picture of a road sign. In any event, the whole situation made me uncomfortable and a little careless. The result: a crooked picture. But you get the gist…

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